NoVAGO PAST - History of the organization

Northern Virginia Geocaching Organization (NoVAGO) was established in 2006 and it's history has been recorded by Awesnap on Answers to the questions in this Adventure Lab may be found on this page. Adventure Labs hack: Trigger the geofence to get the answer page. You can then record your answer latter when you have time to research. When the question is answered, the journal entry is complete and is counted as a find. The organization hosts multiple events, including the Spring and Fall picnics. The Spring picnic acknowledges creative caches and cachers. The Fall picnic is a fundraiser and includes a silent auction. This adventure lab is one of three labs created for the 2022 Fall Picnic held at Claude Moore Park. For more information about NoVAGO navigate to the website:

Created by TrexM8s

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