ECALT - East Side Little Free Library Tour

Part of the Erie Canal Adventure Lab Trail Have you ever visited a Little Free Library? Little Free Library is a nonprofit organization that helps to foster a love of reading through their book exchange spots. The first Little Free Library was created in 2009 in Wisconsin as a tribute to the creator's mother, a teacher who loved to read. Appropriately, it was built to look like a one-room schoolhouse. Today, there are over 100,000 Little Free Libraries in the world. This Adventure Lab will take you to five Little Free Libraries on the east side. You will need to drive (or take a REALLY long walk) for this one. If you are a reader, feel free to bring a book or two to swap (or just leave) along your travels. There will be coordinates to a bonus cache for those who complete this Adventure Lab. Happy Reading and Happy Adventuring!

Created by MacCrew

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