ECALT: Lockport Locks: 1.6 Miles on the Erie Canal

Part of the Erie Canal Adventure Lab Trail Lockport, NY, named for its location along the Erie Canal, was the original site of the "Flight of Five" locks of the original Erie Canal. The Flight of Five were eventually replaced with two larger locks designed to accommodate much larger canal traffic. The original locks are currently undergoing restoration. The two modern locks allow a total elevation change of 49 feet, enabling boats of many sizes to move between Buffalo to the west and as far as New York City to the east. There is a lot of signage detailing different aspects of the canal and its construction. Some of them may be required to complete the adventure but all are worth investigating. All stops on this approximately 2 mile round trip are accessible from paved surfaces, although some can be quite steep and stairs are involved to get to some of the locations. Parking is available in the large municipal lot at the starting coordinates (along East Avenue).

Created by GO Geiger

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