Mr. Smithson Goes to Washington

Greetings my fellow travelers. Allow me to introduce myself, I am James Smithson, scientist, philanthropist, and time traveler. You did not mishear-- I’ve discovered a wrinkle in the space time continuum that allows me to travel anywhere and anytime. I’ve used it to create a little adventure. You may be asking yourself, who is this person? I'm not only the namesake of the Smithsonian Castle but of the whole Institution. I am a Natural Philosopher, what you would call a scientist today. Mineralogy is my focus, but I experiment in chemistry & physics as well, thus time travel. I decided to leave my fortune, roughly $22 million in today’s money, to the United States to found the Smithsonian Institution for the “increase and diffusion of knowledge.” I never told anyone why I did this. I want to use my ability to time travel to various times in the Smithsonian's history to see how it has grown and learn more about what became of my bequest. On to the adventure!

Created by SmithsonianCastle

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