Great Olomouc

Vitej v Olomouci! Starobyle kralovske mesto Olomouc, kdysi dulezite misto Velkomoravske rise, hlavni mesto Moravy a nedobytna pevnost habsburske monarchie, se pysni druhou nejvetsi pamatkovou rezervaci v Ceske republice. Na zapadnim okraji Olomouce byly nedavno objeveny pozustatky opevneneho rimskeho tabora. O dulezitosti mesta svedci mnoho vyznamnych pamatek. Po nekterych te provedeme. Welcome to Olomouc! The ancient royal town of Olomouc used to be an important residence of the Great Moravian Empire, the capital city of Moravia and an impenetrable fortress of the Habsburg monarchy. It has the second largest monument reservation in Czech Republic. Recently, the remains of an old fortified Roman outpost were found at the west border of Olomouc. Many sights and monuments are a sign of the great importance of the city. We will be your guide for your trip around some of those places.

Created by GEOOL

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