The Case of the Missing Geocache

Geocachers Jack and Jill Waterman live on a hill in Yuma. One day, Jill, who builds unique and puzzling geocaches, created her masterpiece: a mind-bending geocache that would put Rube Goldberg to shame. She lugged it out to the driveway, planning to load it into their pickup truck after lunch. Meanwhile, Jack was cleaning out the garage. After calling a thrift store to pick up some unwanted stuff, he carried the box of junk out to the sidewalk and went inside for lunch. Of course, when Jack and Jill emerged from the house, the fabulous cache was gone and the junk box was untouched. Unfortunately, Jack does not remember which thrift store he had contacted. Please help our hapless geocachers by visiting thrift shops in Yuma to find that marvelous geocache. Follow the clues to discover where the fantastic geocache can be found. Clue: Bonus geocache GCA3TWB: N 32 AB.CDE W 114 FG.HIJ (located near Hands Extended Thrift Store Store in Foothills)

Created by S*W*A*G

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