A DNF on FrankFTF!

The evening began as a normal Geocaching event before things took an unexpected turn. Local legend and geocaching extraordinaire, FrankFTF, went missing after leaving the party to chase an FTF with an unidentified fellow cacher hoping to utilize the door prize he had won. BUT, neither he nor his search partner returned. After your interviews with most of the attendees and examination of the attendance log, you have narrowed down the possibilities. There remain five additional witnesses for you to interview that may shed some light on the matter. Your objective is to track down and interrogate these witnesses and crack the case based on the information they provide. You will want to keep track of the clues you come across using a detective notepad of choice, either paper or digital. All clues received will be available in your journal for later viewing. Once you solve the case, you will have the information you need to solve the bonus cache, GC8W6F1, and hopefully discover the missing duo. Good luck!

Created by Ol'Fogie

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