Monitor the Dunes

Stretching along 15 miles of the southern shore of Lake Michigan, this national park offers an incredible diversity of habitats and visitor experiences. Beyond the sandy beaches, explore rugged dunes, quiet forests and tranquil wetlands along 50 miles of hiking trails. World-class birding and over 1,100 native plant species makes this 15,000 acre park among the most biologically rich in the nation. With so much life surrounding them, the dunes are constantly changing. One way we monitor change is through a volunteer Citizen Science program using Chronologs. The concept is simple; take a picture from one of the chronolog stations and email it using the address located on the smartphone mount. The more photos taken from one location, the more details in change over time. This Adventure Lab cache will explore 5 different chronologs within the park. Using a smart phone, take a photo, email it, answer the question, and earn your smilie. Check out the project at:

Created by LostSailRs

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