Historical Cleethorpes

This adventure cache will take you on a journey from the beginnings of cleethorpes as a holiday resort in victorian England. Cleethorpes was formed by the joining of the three villages (or Thorpe) of Itterby, Oole, and Thrunscoe centred around the parish of Old Clee. By definition Cleethorpes was a fishing village with a population of only 284 in the year 1801. Throughout the 1820s and on through the 1850s Cleethorpes was developing into a "bathing resort which is highly elegible with pure air and good scenery with the local population mostly involved in the oyster fishing industry." There was a large hotel and a few small inns and lodging houses but all this was to change and greatly expand when the Manchester, Sheffield and Lincolnshire Railways arrived in 1863 building the station at the North of the resort

Created by the recycled kids

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