Civil War Trails - Welcome to High Ground Park

All information was taken from the High Ground Park website and the signs along the trail. Welcome to one of the Civil War Trails in High Ground Park, Knoxville, Tennessee, Establish 2013. This Adventure Lab Cache will take you on a journey mostly on a paved trail. High Ground Park was designed to preserve the Unions 1863 Fort Higley as a Civil War landmark; a peaceful walking trail winds through hardwood forests, wild flowers, and native flowering bushes and past the remnants of defensive emplacements such as rifle trenches and a canon redoubt. You will be stopping at the information signs along the path. You will need to pay attention to sign 10-8-6-4-2 (best to do in that order) for your answers. Stop at the sign labeled #8 and enjoy the view, take a break or enjoy a wonderful picnic. If you do rambetta’s Adventure Lab Cache on the way in, you will do this one on the way back to your car. Parking coordinates: N 35 56.295 W 083 55.547

Created by Netinator

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