Catskill Fire Tower Challenge

For nearly a century, observers staffed more than 100 fire towers throughout New York State, located primarily on the highest peaks in the Catskill and Adirondack regions. This was in response to the intense logging and tannin harvesting operations that would leave virgin forest barren, dried, and very susceptible to fire. Rangers would often reside in nearby cabins while keeping a regular lookout for smoke and flames throughout the surrounding valleys. If a fire was spotted, a message was sent to the nearby town, and the location of the suspected fire would be triangulated and confirmed by other fire towers in the area. This adventure lab will take you to the five remaining fire towers within the Catskills. Each tower offers a unique view of the Catskills and will show you many scenic views. Be sure to come prepared with water and trail map. Cell phone reception may be spotty at lower elevations but should be fine at the summits. Don't forget to climb each of the towers to enjoy the spectacular views!

Created by MatthewCat

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