Fox River Grove Adventure Mob

Bootlegging, Notorious Gangsters, Suspicious Loans, Kidnapping and Public Enemy #1… Fox River Grove, IL may seem like a quiet out-of-the-way little town just outside of Cook County Chicagoland, but it didn’t fool the FEDs. Incorporated in 1919, Fox River Grove was not only built by the river that gave the town it’s name, but also built by the mob! Complete this historic lab cache in any order you wish and learn how this little river town hosted some of the most famous "Mob Bosses" and their gangs in US history as it played the backdrop for their corrupt dealings for decades. *Bonus Mystery Available. Note: Photo (s) and some copy credit McHenry County Historical Society, Fox River Grove Public Library, Daily Herald Newspaper, and Reporter Brett Rowland, Neil Gates Photography, Cary Historical Society, Cinema Treasures, Chicago Daily News Mike Royko and Tribune Archive Photo / Chicago Tribune, Mchenry County Living, and a special thanks to a special lady at the FRG library, Bridgett helped me with so much.

Created by PAMag76

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