ECALT - Mural Mania in Lyons

This cache is part of the Erie Canal Adventure Lab Trail. There are 10 locations in this walking adventure that will bring you to the many murals in the village. Each mural is named and has the year it was created. This would not be appropriate to drive from location to location as there is not easy parking at every location. The total mileage you'll cover is about 1.2 miles. Please be aware of cars as you travel and cross the streets. From the website: Many ask “Why Mural Mania?” Some have suggested it is foolish to spend time, energy, and money on such murals when there are so many other things that need to be done in Lyons. It’s about history…who we are…where we come from. It’s about pride…there are many good things about Lyons, and even many more wonderful people in Lyons; if we don’t grasp opportunities to display our rich historical heritage who else will? Begin your adventure by parking at: 43°03.730′N, 076°59.496′W

Created by True North 1115

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