#NWTrolls - Meet Pia on Bainbridge Island 🏝️

Welcome to Bainbridge Island! 👋 This Adventure will take you on a tour that includes a new regional trail, an art museum, and if you look close enough, you may even find a troll! Pia the Peacekeeper, the troll who lives on our island is part of a public art exhibit, Northwest Troll: Way of the Bird King, that includes six trolls created by Danish recycle artist Thomas Dambo. Fashioned out of recycled materials, the art installations turn trash into treasured trolls who tell a tale of protecting nature and honoring our land. In Nordic mythology and folklore, trolls are known to be fierce protectors of nature. Please help us protect Pia's habitat by visiting during daylight hours, adhering to posted signage and staying on marked trails. This Adventure was sponsored by Scan Design Foundation and created in partnership with Geocaching HQ

Created by biparks

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