REALLY SideTracked - Nottingham City Lines

Nottingham - city of not 1, but previously 7 Stations ! Nottingham as is now - once Nottingham Midland ( Midland Counties Railway ) Arkwright Street - once of the Great Central and terminus for a few years after.... Victoria - The Great Central Railways mainline thru station, closed in the 1960's London Road High and Low Level of the Great Northern Railway long since gone and little remains Carrington / Lenton make up the others within the city boundaries - but there was once a Nottingham suburban commuter railway...long since gone in the age of the horseless carriage The 'suggested' route is Midland-Victoria-HL-LL-Arkwright then the bonus cache, followed by refreshments in the Cabmans Shelter Make note of the answers for the bonus ! - GC9QPNF

Created by stuarthowe11

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