Cache - Play - Dine - Camp In the Berkshires

The Berkshire Geobash began as a dream!!! With the determination of a great team of cachers from MA and NY it became a reality on July 7, 2012. Now we are enjoying what has become a tradition here in the Berkshires! It would not have happened without this AWESOME TEAM of people and the fantastic cachers who travel from near and far to continue to make this dream a reality! The Berkshire Geobash team wants to share the beauty of the Berkshires with cachers from all around the world. This Lab Cache series will bring you from the highest peak in MA to a local farmstand, campgrounds, and more to give you a flavor of all there is to enjoy during your visit. This is a driving series as none of the caches are near each other, and you do not have to do them in any particular order. At each cache you will be looking for some type of decorative item, picture, or sign that has a well marked code for you to complete the challenge. Have a great time and "Welcome to the Berkshires!"

Created by Berkshire GeoBash

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