Landsat: Helping the Santa Ynez Valley from Space

Expect intermittent cell issues. Load the Adventure. Do Not use Navigation. You can answer the question when you get cell coverage. Correct answers will have delays; incorrect answers will not. Be sure to write down your correct answer. This 15-location Adventure demonstrates the many ways that images and data gathered by the joint NASA/ U.S. Geological Survey Landsat series of Earth Observation satellites have provided uninterrupted data to help land managers and policymakers make informed decisions about natural resources and the environment. You may do the Adventure locations in any order that works for you. The route is about 60 miles traveling on 2-lane roads. It will take three to four hours to complete the Adventure. Each location will require TWO answers. One will be in the Description; the other will be at GZ. The coordinates for the Bonus Cache, GC9FH0K, will be revealed within one of the location DESCRIPTIONS, so make sure you read the DESCRIPTIONS. gsmX2, EchoTheBat, and allycat0531

Created by LandsatInLompoc

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