Fairhaven Park Forest

This Adventure is sponsored by Recreation Northwest. We promote outdoor recreation and bring people together to enjoy, preserve and improve the places where we play. This tour offers poetry at each waypoint and aims to provide time and space for you to connect with the forest and realign yourself with nature. Our immersive tour is linear due to the multitude of trails that can be very disorienting for local regulars, especially first time visitors. Experiences here are often muddy, wear waterproof shoes!! The best parking is found in Fairhaven Park near the first waypoint; expect a 60-minute duration. As Recreation Northwest became park stewards 2014 we were quickly propelled into long-term projects for the health of the forest and the benefit of our community. We will continue to host work parties to maintain the new planting areas and remove invasive species. Please visit: www.recreationnorthwest.org/fairhaven-park for more information and enjoy this adventure through one of our favorite places!

Created by RecreationNorthwest

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