Burning of Columbia

The year is 1865 and the United States of America are divided in a civil war. Battles are fought throughout the states, but few states are as key as South Carolina. Gen. Sherman started his march in Georgia, and came through Columbia SC on his way to meet up with forces in Virginia. Troops fought all along the way, which led to the burning of hundreds of houses, public buildings, bridges and other structures along the way. Perhaps the most devastating burning was right here in Columbia. Fast forward exactly 150 years to the year 2015. While many were destroyed, there are still a great number of these historic locations still standing all throughout Columbia. We invite you to step into the Columbia Time Machine, and take a stroll through history to see some of these historic buildings, and walk in the footsteps of the Union and Confederate soldiers through the streets of Columbia. In partnership with the Historic Columbia Foundation, please join us in this unique journey through Civil War history!

Created by SCGeoNinja

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