Whodunnit at the Bryntirion Inn?

The Bryntirion is a friendly country inn in the quiet Welsh village of Llanderffel. It is popular with both locals and visitors who pop in for a drink and maybe something to eat. This morning a body was found. It was cold and lifeless, with blood on both it and the carpet. Shocked, the local constabulary were called and a detective arrived. They asked you to assist in their investigations outside the inn whilst they were investigating inside. You will be given information as it becomes available, and should be able to work out Whodunnit. Read the bonus cache listing (GC9G549) about clues, CCTV footage and possible evidence. Then record everything discovered before working out who was the murderer. Finally, if you have solved the Whodunnit correctly, you will be able to find the bonus geocache. (Please note, there is no need to enter the Inn, nor any need to interact with the staff in order to complete the labcaches or find the bonus cache)

Created by Sir PhilPamAndRob

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