TN-21 TN Airport Codes

This Adventure Lab is one of 30 that make up the TN Lab Art, with a total of 150 lab caches. Please park at the I-75, Athens North Rest Area. DO NOT PARK ON THE HIGHWAY! What is an Airport Code? Back in the 1930s, pilots began referring to airports using the National Weather Service’s two-letter city identification system. By the 1940s, however, the amount of airports in the US was outgrowing the number of available NWS codes, so the airlines expanded to a three-letter code system, often adding X to previously coded airports (i.e. LA became LAX). The IATA later standardized these three-letter codes in the 1960s. Most IATA codes are derived from the first three letters of an airport’s city, like MIA for Miami International or DEN for Denver International. Other codes reference the name of the airport itself, like MDW for Chicago Midway International or JFK for John F. Kennedy International in New York City. No two airports are allowed to share an IATA code.

Created by FLtravelers

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