Baytown's Art-Venture Lab

Welcome to Baytown’s Art-Venture Lab! Our Public Art Program is propelled by a "Love Where You Live" mantra. It is intended to build emotional connections between residents of Baytown with their community in hopes this love will be contagious to everyone who visits Baytown. To complete our Art-Venture lab, you’ll visit 9 public art locations and learn about how our “love where you live” mantra has influenced that location's art. Plus, all of our murals are trackable at! So find the hidden code and discover them! To play, visit each of the locations, read the description, and answer the question for each location. All of our locations provide great photography opportunities, and are ideally better visited during the day. After you have finished ALL 9 of the Art-Venture Adventure Lab puzzles, visit to claim your prize. Have fun and please share your Baytown Art-Venture photos to social media with the hashtag #BaytownArtVenture and #IHeartBaytown!

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