Washington Park Arboretum: Geocaching Adventure

Welcome to the Washington Park Arboretum Geocaching Adventure! This Adventure consists of 6 locations within the Washington Park Arboretum. As you visit each of the locations, you can read the information provided and watch an educational video brought to you by the Arboretum Foundation. For each location, you will be asked a question that can only be answered while you are there. Read the question at the end of each description and enter the correct 'Find Code' answer to earn a geocaching point. Complete all 6 locations correctly and you will have successfully completed this Geocaching Adventure. To begin, start at the Graham Visitors Center and find the closest location. For each location, use the map and compass arrow on the screen to guide yourself. When you get close, watch the video, look around and enter the find code. Good luck and have fun!!!

Created by ArboretumFoundation

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