Amazing Places Adventure Lab #3: Humans and Nature

Did you know that you're visiting a UNESCO designated Biosphere Reserve? Here in this Reserve, however, we prefer the word "region" in recognition of local First Nations. So...welcome to the Mount Arrowsmith Biosphere Region (MABR)! Biosphere reserves are all about sustainability, and striking a balance between humans and nature. Specifically, how can we equally balance the conservation of biodiversity and the use of natural resources on this planet? To answer this question, UNESCO has designated regions around the globe that serve as excellent examples of places where people are living and working well together and in harmony with nature. There are now 700 biosphere reserves worldwide, with 18 in Canada and 2 in British Columbia. To foster sustainable living, part of the MABR's mandate is to connect people with nature. There are so many amazing ways nature benefits our health and well being. Solve the Adventure Lab to learn more about how getting connected with nature helps us and the environment.

Created by MABRAmazingPlaces

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