Amazing Places Adventure Lab #2: Watersheds

This adventure is about watersheds - areas of land that capture precipitation, such as rain or snow, that then drains into rivers, creeks, marshes, lakes, groundwater or oceans. The Mount Arrowsmith Biosphere Region is defined by the boundaries of five watersheds. Healthy watersheds are important for lots of reasons: They support human health by providing communities and people with drinking water, food and outdoor recreation areas. They also cool the air and absorb greenhouse gases. They support ecological health by providing water sources, habitat and soil for plants, animals and livestock. They also help manage droughts, flooding and groundwater sources. And communities rely on them to support economic health by sustaining industries such as energy, agriculture, tourism, fisheries, forestry and mining. This is why learning about and protecting watersheds is so important. Visit the locations in this Adventure to learn more about watersheds in the Mount Arrowsmith Biosphere Region.

Created by MABRAmazingPlaces

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