Amazing Places Adventure Lab #1: Ecosystems

This Adventure is about ecosystems - the land, soil, air and living things in an area. BC has over 600 types of stable ecosystems! These can be classified into 14 biogeoclimatic zones, or areas with relatively similar climate and geography. So why is it important to protect these areas? Because plants and animals are often adapted to particular conditions, and conditions define zones. This is why zones are often named for the dominant species that thrive there, such as the Ponderosa Pine zone of the hot, dry valleys in the southern interior. Protecting zones protects species that may not be able to thrive elsewhere, as well as the unique biological productivity of an area. Some examples of the zones and ecosystems on Vancouver Island include: Garry Oak ecosystem Coastal Sand Dune ecosystem Riparian ecosystem Coastal Douglas Fir biogeoclimatic zone Coastal Western Hemlock biogeoclimatic zone Visit the locations in this Adventure to see why these Amazing Places are worth protecting.

Created by MABRAmazingPlaces

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