Alviso Adobe Community Park

Nestled in the Amador-Livermore Valley foothills, the Alviso Adobe Community Park is a 7-acre interpretive park that has endured vast cultural and natural changes over time. In 2008, the City of Pleasanton opened the park for the community to connect with local history and the environment. This hidden gem brings to light the stories of people that once called this place home. Take a stroll through time across our meandering trails and catch a glimpse of the luscious vegetation surrounding our historical features. Along your journey you will uncover nuggets of unique stories. The Alviso Adobe awaits your discovery! Start your adventure at the south end parking lot entrance of the park. There is a total of 7 locations. To complete each location, you must answer a question at each stop. To help answer each question pay close attention to the interpretive signs and features around your surroundings.

Created by alvisoadobe

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