BURNINATING Grumpy Daddy's Favorite Manassas Spots

My grumpy daddy took my tablet fun away from me, and NOW I AM MAD! So I asked my pretend friend Trogdor to BURNINATE the places in Manassas that he loves! Trogdor the Burninator is an S-shaped dragon with a big beefy arm that is popular on the web. Trogdor is known for BURNINATING country sides, peasants, and thatched-roof cottages. I invite you to walk with me along the streets of Downtown Manassas as I PRETEND to get REVENGE on my Grumpy Daddy. Everything is walkable, because I am 9, and I can't drive. None of these places will actually be BURNINATED, because TROGDOR only exists in the internet. That, and BURNINATING things is really BAD and is against the law. Eating, drinking, Geocaching, and playing with toys is GOOD. So take a walk, enjoy the sights, and smile knowing that my Grumpy Daddy is a "Kinder Happier Daddy" when he is at these locations.

Created by Snap_Cat

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