Bryson City Barn Quilt Trail.

On just about any drive through the North Carolina countryside, you may see a colorful painted quilt block pattern adorning a barn, public building, shop or private home. Such encounters are always a pleasant and unexpected surprise. They're all part of grassroots movement that began in 2001 when an Ohio women painted a block on her family barn to honor her mother, a quilter. From that first block, the idea has spread across the nation resulting in thousands of painted quilt blocks. Swain County's artists are no exception. You will be viewing 4 of the 14 in Swain County. This is a walking adventure just under a 1.5 miles from the starting coordinates and returning.. The terrain is level. It can be done in any order. At each location you will be asked a question to complete that stage of the lab. When you have completed the lab look for the bonus cache GC9QWVR. You will be getting the coordinates in your journals. After finishing, relax by the river or hunt for the Multi cache

Created by vilstudio/racewalker

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