Witham Valley Abbeys

A tour of the Witham Valley looking at the sites of the many abbeys that were so important in the days before the Reformation of 1533. The were nine monasteries in the Witham Valley, a concentration that is unmatched elsewhere in Britain. There were 6 on the east bank and 3 on the west. They were founded here because of the power and influence that Lincoln held. This road trip takes you around the Witham Valley from Lincoln to Kirkstead Abbey looking at the sites and ruins of these once important and spiritual places. Please allow around 3 hours for driving around this adventure, it can be done quicker but take your time to explore the sites. the terrain can be bumpy but is generally easy. Some sites have more information boards than others. The starting point is in Lincoln but they can be done in any order, so you could finish in Lincoln and do some of the other Adventures there or finish at Kirkstead Abbey and then visit the lovely small town of Woodhall Spa for refreshments.

Created by bedecooke

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