ECALT: Holy Ghost Cemetery Tour

Welcome to the Holy Ghost Cemetery Tour, located in Gates, NY. This Adventure Lab is part of the Erie Canal Adventure Lab Trail. Parking coordinates are N43 08.290 W077 44.181 Cemetery parking lot. Please do not park in the church or business parking lots. Although Church of the Holy Ghost is not currently open, you can still take a tour of the outside and see some of the architecture, as well as tour the Holy Ghost Cemetery located across the street. Dogs are allowed in the cemetery but must be leashed. The cover photo images at each stage are a clue of where you need to be looking to find the answers. There will be a bonus field puzzle cache to find after completing this Adventure Lab. GC9FR5Z. If you are interested in learning more about the history of the church and cemetery this online source has a lot of information:

Created by Edina351

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