A Tour of Bearly Cherokee

The Bears Project began in 2005 with the intention of showcasing the variety of talented artists within the Qualla Boundary. A committee researched several concepts prior to selecting a bear theme, as they intended to produce something that would be culturally significant. Bears are a large part of the Cherokee culture and appear in many of the stories and legends that the Cherokee people hold sacred. The culture currently recognizes contributions from the clans of Bird, Blue, Deer, Long Hair, Paint, Wild Potato, and Wolf. Downtown Cherokee is “alive” with colorfully painted fiberglass bears that are part of a public art program featuring the talents of local Tribal artists. Each one of the bears represents an aspect of Cherokee culture. You’ll find “Eagle Dancer Bear,” “Woodlands Pottery Bear,” “Winter Bear,” “Fish Bear,” and even “Veterans’ Bear.” There are a total of 20 artistic "bears" in downtown Cherokee. Your task is to find only (5), in any order and answer a specific question about each bear.

Created by Ump35 & Bee

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