REALLY SideTracked - GCR (Great Central Railway)

The Great Central Railway is a heritage railway in Leicestershire, named after the company that originally built this stretch of railway. It is the UK's only double track, main line heritage railway. It’s the only place in the world where full size steam engines can be seen passing each other – just as it was when steam ruled the rails. These adventure labs will take you to visit stations along the railway. They can be done in any order although I would advise leaving Nunckley Hill until last if you plan to continue to find the bonus cache. All locations have parking available nearby and you don't need to enter any of the station buildings. If you want to catch sight of some steam trains on your journey, then it's worth checking station opening and train running times before starting. The labs have been designed so that the answers are visible at all times in daylight. Answers may not be visible in the dark. GC91QKF is a physical bonus cache which can be found on completion of these adventure labs.

Created by KaosCL

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