Fukagawa Gourmet Walk(TOKYO)深川グルメ散歩

In 1590, Tokugawa Ieyasu entered Edo (present-day Tokyo) and at the same time began the repair of Edo Castle and large-scale urban development. Lumber was also an important material for building and maintaining the city. Therefore, merchants involved in the distribution of lumber were called to Fukagawa from all over Japan. Fukagawa is a town where many craftsmen have lived for a long time. There are many inexpensive and delicious restaurants in the area, which is called "downtown. Some of the restaurants are a little over-seasoned and the service is a little brusque, but please enjoy your visit. This labcash introduces you to the stores, but you do not have to enter them. You can enjoy it for free. 1590年、徳川家康が江戸に入城すると同時に江戸城修築と大規模都市開発が始まりました。木材は都市を建設し維持する上でも重要な資材でした。そのため木材の流通に携わる商人が深川に全国から招集されました。 深川は昔から職人が多く住んできた町です。下町と言われるエリアには気どらず、安くて美味しいお店がたくさんあります。少し味付けは濃いめで、少しぶっきらぼうな接客のお店もありますがお楽しみ下さい。 このラボキャッシュはお店を紹介していますが、入店する必要はありません。無料で楽しむことができます。

Created by pupen

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