SideTracked - Victoria

Victoria Station with 45,564 passenger journeys in 2022/23 is the fifth busiest station in Britain. Situated in the City of Westminster it's an important transport interchange serving destinations across the South of England with services provided by Southeastern, Southern and Gatwick Express. There is also a connection to the London Underground station of the same name and Victoria Coach Station which is a short walk away. Architecturally speaking Victoria is actually two stations built on the same site by competing railway companies. The first station was opened by the London, Brighton and South Coast Railway (LBSCR) followed in 1862 by the London, Chatham and Dover Railway (LCDR). Following Railway Grouping both companies became part of the Southern Railway in 1923 and the dividing wall between the two stations was opened up to allow passengers to move between both terminals. Despite this, it's still possible to see the two distinct styles of both stations. Platform 2 of Victoria is the longest on the station and before the opening of the channel tunnel was the starting point for continental travel with boat trains leaving for Folkestone and Dover. There are still some occasional charter trains that use platform 2 and you may be lucky enough to see a steam train on this platform. This Adventure Cache will take you on a short tour of the Station. All the locations are in publicly accessible areas and there is no need to go beyond the ticket gates.

Created by Selby74

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