SideTracked - Melbourne's City Loop

The 1970s posed an interesting problem for those concerned with Melbourne's train network. With Flinders St and Spencer Street (now Southern Cross) Stations left alone to face the city's increasing population, major congestion had built up at the suburban terminus of Flinders St which required a robust solution. Enter Melbourne's City Loop, which introduced the new Flagstaff, Museum (now Melbourne Central), and Parliament Stations that were located underground and combined with the existing stations to deliver passengers right around the CBD through 4 separate tunnels which each serve different groups of train lines. This AL will visit the five Loop stations and explore the history behind them, so touch on your Myki* and let's begin! (Oh, and clues for the bonus cache GC9Z6FH will be given after correctly answering each location question) *You don't strictly have to enter any ticketed areas to collect the answers, though it may be easier to view information and travel between locations by doing so.

Created by Brain

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