SideTracked - Manchester Stations

Not so long ago in the middle of the last century, the centre of Manchester boasted a total of 9 railway stations. These were used by passengers but also for the huge amount of goods traffic needed to support the many warehouses and industries in "Cottonopolis", as Manchester was nicknamed at the time. A vast network of railway lines covered the area, built on viaducts high above the city streets. Most of these striking features remain today, some are still in use whereas some have now been converted into breweries, bakeries, gyms and escape rooms as Manchester reinvents itself in the 21st century. Still others have been brought back into use as part of Manchester's Metrolink modern tram network. Answering a simple question at each location will reveal information to help you work out the location of the physical geocache "SideTracked - Manchester Stations - AL Bonus". If you wish to find the bonus geocache without excess travelling then please plan your route to end at Piccadilly Station.

Created by Fizzyvimto

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