The Ghastly Ghost of Yuma Pioneer Cemetery

Greetings from beyond the grave, brave geocachers! My name is Tom Collins, and I am the Ghastly Ghost of Yuma. Long ago I was a carpenter who helped build the first railroad bridge in Yuma, but in 1895, I was hit and killed by an incoming train and was buried in the “new” Yuma Cemetery. My remains are in terrible shape, and so is this cemetery – now known as the Yuma Pioneer Cemetery. City employees empty the trash cans and maintain the grounds outside of the fence, but that’s all the city does, besides providing some water spigots. Parts of the cemetery are owned and maintained by organizations, such as churches, fraternal orders, and Yuma County. For the most part, however, the cemetery is left to the care of families of the deceased or kindly volunteers. Let me show you some of the oddities here. As we go, I’ll give you clues to a bonus cache – if you’re courageous enough to find it in the dark! GCA3XEW: N 32 KL.MNO W 114 PQ.RST

Created by S*W*A*G

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