Dinas Mawddwy

Dinas Mawddwy is a village at the southern edge of the Eryri / Snowdonia National Park. The village stands at the convergence of the Rivers Cerist and Dyfi, in the shadow of the hills of Foel Benddin (543m) and Foel Dinas (478m). The settlement probably dates back to the Iron Age. Dinas is the Welsh for city, but more accurately would have described a gathering of dwellings and the home of the local leaders. Dinas Mawddwy was the seat of the borough of Mawddwy and received its charter in 1394, it retained that status until 1886. In the 16th century, the Mawddwy area was home to a band of highway robbers and bandits named the ‘Gwylliaid Cochion Mawddwy’ or ‘Gwylliaid y Dugoed’. The Gwylliaid were supposedly the dregs of society, who came to the Dinas Mawddwy area having been excommunicated from their own areas. (geocache circuit reveals more about these Red Bandits). Slate mines were in operation above the village, and the buildings are now home to a Wool Marketing Board depot.

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