ECALT - Ilion

Part of the Erie Canal Adventure Lab trail, this lab is located entirely along a brand new paved section of the NYS Canalway Trail. ♿️Entire lab distance is wheelchair accessible. All questions at each lab location are able to be answered from the bike trail while sitting in a wheelchair ♿️ Since most Adventure Labs have been focusing on historical or educational value, I’m going to just make this one goofy and fun since there’s not really any notable historic significance along this brand new section of the Canalway Trail. You don’t have to do these in order. It’s roughly a 1.4 mile walking distance from Location #1 to Location #10. You can park at the Ilion marina parking lot using its coordinates that I provided. I hope you enjoy. And keep on cachin on dudes! ~Scorp🌶🔥 #cachemeoutside

Created by ScorpReaper

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