5th International EarthCache Event Lab Caches

To participate in this geology-themed Adventure, travel to each of the locations below to find clues that will help you determine the Find Codes, then enter the Find Codes on the cache pages by Fri. 9/30/16 to claim your smileys! You can do as many or as few Lab Caches as you’d like. Some of the Lab Caches involve participating in an activity at 5IEE, while others take you to some nearby areas in Denver. One Lab Cache is considered a “Bonus”, as it is in Boulder, a bit farther from 5IEE than the others. The Lab Caches located at 5IEE (in the Colorado Convention Center) are available during the event only, Sat 9/24/16, 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. The others will be available for seven days, through Fri. 9/30/16. Be sure to read the details of each Lab Cache carefully to find out the hours and days of availability. Thanks to Memfis Mafia, GeoawareCA, and Landsharkz for the guidance they provided with the development of these Lab Caches!

Created by GeoawareGSA1

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