Puzzling at Loudoun Co.’s new downtown.

The marketeers have been promoting this area as "A new urban destination that has become Loudoun County’s new downtown." The development has lots of restaurants, specialty stores, gyms, entertainment etc., with plenty of parking. This series of Adventure Labs is a little different from others in that you must carry out defined actions and/or solve small puzzles in order to find the answers. We suggest that you begin at "Hidden?" and then work counterclockwise if you want to minimize the time to complete. There is also a bonus cache (GC9WVPQ) where the co-ordinates can be determined from these answers, so be sure to write them down. It's only a short distance away. Please visit this site from dawn until 11pm only. Although access is available 24/7, you may attract the attention of the security patrol if you are wandering around in the very early hours!

Created by mcgmarauders

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