NoVAGO FUTURE - Geocaching in the Space Age

Play this lab like the I-Spy games. Locations coordinates WILL NOT be where you find the answer to the question, but you should be able to SEE where you need to go from that vantage point. Tap on images at each stop to see the full picture. The year is 2062. Northern Virginia is a hub of industry. Companies like Cogswell's Cogs, Cyberdyne Systems, and Planet Express stand next to towering high rise living units with names like Skypad Apartments. Hidden between the sky towers and the spaceball field is the Heritage Farm Museum, a living museum where people can come to learn about the olden days. Today, the children of Little Dipper School have come for a field trip. For fun, the teacher is letting them play a game called geocaching, which their grandparents and great-grandparents played back when you actually had to carry your personal electronics in your pocket - how funny! Your job will be to help Elroy and his friends find some historic sites.

Created by MrPsyduck

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