Athens Street Art

Athens is known for many things: architecture, civilization, food, nightlife, and many more. Another thing, however, is its street art. In the historic city of Athens, graffiti has been rampant since ancient times when people would carve messages into the stone walls. The word originates from Greek γράφειν—graphein—meaning "to write". Athens has been described as “a little paradise for graffiti artists”, “a mecca for street art” and even “an open-air gallery”. There are many, common and uncommon places, where you may find these extravagant and magnificent works of street art. Most of them can be found throughout the city, in neighborhoods like Metaxourgeio, Psyrri and Gazi, Anafiotika, and Exarcheia, where artists use street walls as their canvas to make a political statement, to create something abstract and meaningful, or to affect people’s mentality in a funny and provocative way.

Created by TeamRamon

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