Island Park: A Tour of Fargo's First Park

This Adventure will take you on a virtual tour through scenic Island Park, Fargo's oldest park, and the original townsite plotted by the Northern Pacific Railroad. When the park was established in the late 1880s, the Red River ran through it, taking a different path than today. Archival photos show an oxbow (bend in the river), so when the water rose, it left a sort of “island” in the park, hence the name. There are ten unique locations that can be completed in any order. All answers can be found at posted coordinates, but several descriptions contain video for those who wish to learn more. This Adventure was launched for Frostival and created by Gia “Giacaches” Rassier in collaboration with Visit Fargo-Moorhead, Fargo Downtown Neighborhood Association, and NDSU Archives.

Created by ExploreFargoMoorhead

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