ECALT - Who's Hue in the GVRM?

Part of the Erie Canal Adventure Trail. Welcome to the Genesee Valley Regional Market, which has operated since 1951 as a regional food distribution center for 9 counties in Central & Western NY. While it once had a farmer’s market character, in recent years the food operations are more commercial production and distribution operations with over 150 tenants on 120+ acres. There is still some retail character, but there is now a wide variety of non-food commercial operations in the market as well. A complete list of businesses is available on their website: This approx.1-mile lab will give you the opportunity to discover the variety of businesses that make their home in this section of the market and can be completed on foot, by bike, or from your car. In addition to the lab stops, take time to explore further along the way. At each stop, you will be looking for a color. You will want to note these colors, in order, to complete the bonus cache, GC97JR2.

Created by The Other Zigs

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