E.C.A.L.T- Murder of Chief Henry Hilborn

It was the 1920's in Palmyra New York. Jazz music was playing out of windows, automobiles were filling the streets, the Erie Canal had been delivering prosperity to the town for nearly 100 years and crime was rampant. One man stood out above others to answer the call, police Chief Henry Hilborn. Chief Hilborn was new to Palmyra, settling here from Avon New York with his wife and child, after serving in the national guard during WWI. He had a strict interpretation of the laws and kept speeders in check by running after cars with guns blazing. He busted the local hotel for violating the new prohibition laws. Hilborn even gave chase to a gang of thieves who robbed people on the road outside of town. Chief Hilborn was on duty one night and came home later than expected. His wife went to the door to see why he had been so late. No sooner did she open the door than he fell dead at the doorstep. His final words were, "they said they would get me and they finally did!"

Created by FIRESIDE796

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