LOOKOUT! Charters Towers

LOOKOUT! Charters Towers is our second collection of 5 Adventure Lab caches around town. This adventure takes in some HIGHlights of Charters Towers scenery and history. Keep a lookout for the information from all 5 Adventure lab locations to unlock the bonus cache GC937NR. You will need information in the JOURNAL entries in the App from ALL 5 lab caches to access the log. They are best visited using motorised transport, with some walking. The locations can be visited in any order, but this order makes the most sense - Ay Ot Lookout, Pfeiffer House, Towers Hill Lookout, Pyrites Works, Clyde Berryman Park The adventure lab cache 'Clyde Berryman Memorial Park' displays the coordinates for the bonus cache (check the journal), visit that last. There are links to heritage information for 4 of the locations on the bonus cache page.

Created by Cachedin NQ

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