ECALT - Henrietta Cemeteries

Part of the Erie Canal Adventure Lab Trail. When I was invited to create an Adventure Lab, I was drawn to the idea of encouraging folks to explore the rich history found in some of the cemeteries in Henrietta. While out and about geocaching, cemeteries have been favorite discovery sites for both me and my life and caching partner, NYZee. This adventure will take you to five locations over a driving distance of approximately 14 miles. At each stop, after you have answered the question, take some time to wander, enjoy the unique headstones and monuments, and appreciate how the people who came before us have shaped our present day. As added fun, there is also a geocache to be found in each of these cemeteries. BONUS CACHE: At the end of this lab, be sure to check the last journal entry for a key word to a bonus mystery cache, GC92J3Z.

Created by The Other Zigs

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