ECALT- A Gateway to Everything in Macedon

Welcome to another Leg of the Erie Canal Adventure Lab Trail! This AL is for the Macedon leg of the trail. I was granted permission by HQ and Nancy from Deadliest Cachers to hide an adventure lab in the Macedon Portion of the project. Visit for more details! Macedon is a small village along the Erie Canal. It was established in 1823. In this AL, you will tour some key activities and points of interest around the village of Macedon. A wide variety of locations have been chosen from historic places, parks, murals, and even a butterfly walk. It's about a 3 mile round trip. Bonus cache: To figure out the secret code to the bonus, check the journal entries for instructions to find a special sticker that gives you a portion of the code. Note that you don't necessarily have to visit all stages of the AL to get the code, but it's obviously encouraged to complete the AL. Double check each Journal entry before heading to the next to make sure you don't forget!

Created by narserio

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